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 SKOTW Guidelines

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PostSubject: SKOTW Guidelines   Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:29 am

SKOTW Guidelines

What's S.K.O.T.W. all about?
S.K.O.T.W. or 'Sketch of the Week' is a competition held every week within this section for artists to get together and battle through their works!

How does this competition work?
1) First of all, a Discussion thread is made on Monday. Here, the person who won the previous SKOTW may discuss with other people which topic he/she should choose and discuss anything else related to SKOTW. This means that when someone wins SKOTW, they are notified through PM and on this thread, therefore they will have 24 hours to choose the next topic for SKOTW.

2) When the topic is chosen, an Entry thread is chosen. The entry threads' titles will depend on the topic chosen (Eg. Clowns, subcultures, etc.). In this thread, you are ONLY allowed to post once, and that post must contain your entry for that week's contest. Any other posts will earn you a warn.

3) When Sunday morning comes in New Zealand time (somewhere around 8am-10am), the Entry thread will get locked for the deadline and the Voting Thread will be opened.
When voting you must:
- include the amount of place-getters the thread-maker indicates (Eg. Vote for your top 3)
- provide comments and/or criticisms with your votes to help the participants.
- place each participant in the correct order depending on your choices.

Here's how the ranking works:
1st place - Best = 5 points
2nd place - Great = 4 points
3rd place - Good = 3 points
4th place - Not bad = 2 points
5th place - Better luck next time = 1 point

4) If you are a participant, depending on which placements you get from each vote, that is how much you get. With all the votes that come in, we'll add 'em up and get your total score. At Sunday night the thread is closed, with one last post left to declare the placings and the winner.

5) The cycle will carry on with the winner being notified with as PM. A topic is prolonged when noone enters (it can still be cancelled depending on me)

The Rules
- Your entry must somehow be related to the topic. Otherwise, it won't be in for the voting.
- No inappropriate material (pornography)
- Entries cannot be made with digital devices, with graphic resources or any more of the kind. This excludes the tablet however.
- No multiple entries. Small changes can be made with your entries even when you've handed it in. (Not for your past entries)
- No copied entries. Referencing is all right as long as your piece is practically original and is yours.
- Do no post old works. I know that we won't know if they're old or not unless you've posted them in the art gallery or something, but innovation would be a lot more fun than handing in your old work, so why not?

When you get a placing, your points go towards your profile in the SKOTW Hall of Fame. As your points go up, so does your ranking in the Hall of Fame AND your experience points.
In SKOTW's case, you get:
- 10 experience points for 1st place
- 4 in 2nd
- 3 in 3rd
- 2 in 4th
- 1 in last

We have a system called the 'Hall of Fame Seasons', where we reset SKOTW every 50 contests. The winner of each season will receive a special place in the honours' thread and will receive 1000 experience points.

I'll hand out these rewards myself as I handle the competition.
Good luck to everyone!



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SKOTW Guidelines
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